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Specialised Area


Maintenance/ Service Contract

We provide annual service / maintenance contract for customer units depending on their needs to reduce machine downtime and save cost.

We take up commissioning jobs & training based on the customer requirement.

Commissioning & Training

We attend to emergency breakdown repairs at customer sites. 

Breakdown Repairs

Specialized Areas





Overhauling – pumps, motors, 
cylinders, control valves.
Diagnosing the issues, with the 
use of pressure gauges, flow 
meters, etc.

Repairing – LMI / SLI systems, 
Displayunits, ECU’s & other control units. Installation- New control units with customized solutions.

Overhauling – Engines, 
transmissions, gear boxes, brakes, axles & pneumatic systems.

Repairing – Starter, alternator, 
A/C & other normal electrical 

Consultancy Services

We also assist customers by offering professional advice when purchasing new and used cranes based on their needs in order to provide the best value for their capital investments. We will also provide information on alternate spares that can be used in the event of non-availability or discontinued spare parts in the market.

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With a reputation to safeguard the interest of our valuable customers and to provide expertise and ethical standards in our various services we categorize our services into maintenance/service contract, commissioning & training, emergency breakdown, modification and redesign, consultation for buying spare parts and used machineries and equipment’s. All the above services are being provided at customer facility on a cost effective and reliable manner.

Our dedicated team are here to help.

Maintain our recognition as a market leader in the mobile crane segment through our quality customer service.  

To be passionate in anticipating and providing the best service and experience that excites our customers globally.

Our heritage gives us confidence and strength in our current and future performance. Past and Present competence combine to create a corporate culture with a difference.  We shall combine all our efforts and resources to make sure that every customer will have full trust in our product & services and consequently turn his attention to developing his business further.